My new blog!

I made a new blog. I will no longer contnue this one, but please visit my new one at http://blogpeaceloveandlaughter.wordpress.com/ Thank ou SAsammy for commenting and webbie for encouraging words. Hope fully my new blog will get more views and comments. Thanks!



Okay, I wont be on a for about 2 weeks cuz of spring break. So, I want to post real quick.

Ganz, I am tired of you! They are now making webkinz Caring Valley pets that are exactly alike to the real webkinz. That means we have to practically buy the same one we have to get a “special feature”. I am about fed up with webkinz. I have 39, by the way. Anyways, post your feelings about ganz here!


Also, they are making a “webkinz Jr.”. How is this going to work out?

 backyard of the webkinz Jr.>>>

Maybe its for little kids.


I need sponsers! That means, I need people to add me to their blogroll. I REALLY need sponsers. If you become one, I will make you a banner with the choice of your webkinz and design. Thankies!!

Who thinks I should hold a contest? alright, i will. Here is the contest:

Name these webkinz…

Pink a fluffy with no arms. (Wins a secret recipe)

white and brown all over. (Wins a pet specific item.)

Blue with water in its life. (wins a SECRET item.)

Read the rule page before you comment. 😀 Please, come back to this blog! Please, people, please!


so, why i no one coming to my blog? Like, they all went to Rose. Rose has broken hearts and promises. She said she’d never leave. She did. She said she would come back. she didn’t. She said she would NEVER EVER delete her blog. she did.Why, rose, why? Thanks Tigerpelt98 for giving me encouraging words and for sammy because she comments everyday! People, why have you left me? Sure, my blog aint the most popular, but it will grow. Rose is gone, so take time on your blog instead of worrying about her. Sorry if i offedned anyone. It’s just im upset how many people left this blog. 😦

On the bright side… HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! (Sorry its a little late)

First to post! (maybe)

Look how cute it is! It is a Jack Russel Terrier! Give me credit if you post please! There is no date on when it is coming out.


do ya’ll like tigers? I do! They are cute and cuddly and also big and strong. LOLZ. 😀 Anyway, here are some cute tiger pictures!

white tigers by blondie997.

2 Tigers by flasporty.


I just finished watching  Balto. It is a movi about a siberian husky. Here is some FALSE things about the movies.

Balto was never half wolf. He is a siberian husky.

Balto never had puppies

Balto never had “mystecial powers”.

Balto was just an ordinary dog. The real hero was Togo, another lead sled dog.

There is more, but that is most of it. As you can see, the movies Balto are all fake. Sorry if I dissappointed you guys who all LOVE Balto and want to believe he did this stuff, but, he didn’t.